Bad economy or not, Business will still buy things.  

Money will still be spent – it's just a matter of how much we make ourselves believe that we not only WANT these things, but that we NEED them, as well.

Same theory applies to anyone in a business that requires getting customers – business to buy your product or service.  Keeping in mind that business, though they may be more careful with their spending, are still going to spend.  So how do you get businessto buy from you?  You need to address the two following main points:

1)    Get rid of their "pain".  Whatever it is that you are providing – products, services or both, you need to show that you are going to make their lives, their days, or their business better by choosing to do business with YOU or your company.    Your products or services need to, without a doubt, take away their pains and difficulties – and by doing so, enable businessto focus on growing the business with less aggravation.   Make sure that during those meetings with prospects or current clients, that you really push the conversation in a direction that will allow you to unveil any underlying issues that are contributing to their problems – eventually getting deep enough to uncover those issues that they weren't even aware of.

2)  Add Value by Creating more "Pleasure".  We are human, and we buy many things because we want to feel good.  Think about how you feel (or how your ego feels) after finally getting the car that you wanted, or a new home, or even something smaller like an IPad.  Apple, for example, does make our lives more productive, but it also has a very "warm fuzzy" user friendly feel to their products, and we therefore "feel good" when using their products.  Purchases are wrapped very tightly around our emotions, and as business business, we should never lose sight of that point.  If you want someone to buy something from you, simply work to get it to an "emotional" level, by pointing out just how buying from you will somehow make business"feel" a certain way.  For some companies, having the latest technology will make businessfeel "cutting edge",  showing their customers that they are current in business.  

If you client's state of mind is in a "pleasurable" place, it will be easier for Business to buy, and for you to make the sale.  (Read more about your client's mind HERE).

Put yourself in your customer's shoes.  What would it take for YOU to buy from YOURSELF?  This is not always an easy question to answer, but if you figure it out, it could be a goldmine for your sales process.  

Think about Black Friday, for example.  It was one of their best days yet.  As I've said in the beginning of this article, business WILL ALWAYS NEED TO BUY SOMETHING.  It's your job as someone in business to perfect your understanding of business's "pains"the pain, and how you will get businessto understand how you are going to ADD VALUE and how much doing business with you will benefit them.

Maintain power.