There is no shortcut to success without a social media marketing Strategy.

social media marketing is an ongoing effort that requires a lot of meticulous planning and a sustained effort towards the predetermined objectives.
The rules of such campaign are not defined and hence some of the possible and effective strategies that can be made for social media marketing campaign are as follows.
• First, find a suitable and befitting channel that can complement the image of your brand. The channel should be able to understand the value of the product or the services that is being promoted using the medium.
• Second, plan and choose the team that can build the brand image. It is imperative that the professionals working on this project have the required skill-sets and believe in the product’s brand power. Right from the PR agents or the staff members the team has to be chosen carefully.
• Third, make content the king. As an important part of the social media marketing campaign, the content should target on promotion of the benefits of the products and not be offensive or outrageous.
• Fourth, carefully target the online users. Search better about your targeted online users and then promote the brand to the users who use it more frequently. The promotion campaign can be altered as per the audience and necessary actions can be subsequently taken.
• Be aware of the brand scrutiny. Once the brand has being introduced to the market, the concerned team should be well aware of the pros and cons of the steps they have taken for its promotion. Hence, keep eyes on the conversations, posts, chats or even the forums taking place with respect to the product.
• Always be original as much a possible. Use of social media marketing channels as a method to promote the product has to be done carefully and in an original way. Utilize the possible benefits and reward system process for the marketing of the product in a better way.
• Constantly measure the performance of efforts being put in to make sure these are in sync with the goals. It is only when the goals are achieved and ROI expanded it can be estimated that the campaign was a success
Some of the most famous social media marketing campaigns of all times are as mentioned below:
• Threadless building brand love was an example of the widespread coverage of the brand on the social media marketing channels.
• Dunkin Donut’s new product campaign on Facebook.
• Promotion of new Fiesta by Ford. The campaign saw use of social media marketing to correctly target the audience in a very impressive manner.
• Promotion of Xperia X1 by Sony Ericsson.
• The unique formulation of the sea World’s Whale social media marketing campaign is the best example of intelligent social media marketing marketing . It demonstrated that a marketing campaign can be made successful even out of the realms of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
These and many more successful marketing campaigns are the example of how social media marketing strategies can be made use of to the best of their ability.
social media marketing campaigns must be designed to derive continuous engagement from the users and should also have beneficial results for the sales department. Smart allocation of resources can ensure better Return on Investment in case your social media marketing campaign is successful. Setting up short term goals and constant revisions should be the right approach to the whole strategy.