Just mentioning the word "economy" conjures up a variety of emotions in all of us.

We are living in a scary time.  Everyone we know seems to know at least one person who has gotten downsized, and new jobs are scarce.  People are scared to start businesses and they're scared to invest in their existing businesses right now.  Part of it is that in an economy like this, mistakes are even more costly than ever before.  And another part of it is that people are just plain scared to lose anything right now.

Here's what you need to know:  The surest way to lose in a bad economy is to NOT invest in your business.   The only way to win right now is to face your fear head on and keep moving forward.  Sounds easy, but how?  It's getting harder and harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel…But there is a light…You just need to create the best path to get you there.  


The economy has forced a change in strategic thinking.    

Also, many business owners are cutting corners.  I can't tell you how many people I've talked to who are cutting out key professionals, reducing their marketing budgets and eliminating education.  

What these business owners fail to realize is that it's absolutely crucial that you continue to invest in yourself and your business, to keep things moving in an upward trajectory.  

Bottom line:  keep investing in yourself and your business.

Do not use the economy as an excuse to derail your business plans.  Courageous marketers will tell you that now's the time to put more energy into your marketing efforts because the competition is cutting back.  

Courageous people use the economy not as an excuse, but as a REASON – a reason to try harder and push harder.

You can choose to participate in a recession, or not.  You are the point of power in this game.  

Even if the whole world agrees that the economy is in a free-fall, you can still expand.  YOU can still generate and regenerate.  You can still create and create again.  This is your wealth.  Of course, there are not guarantees in life.  However, you cannot allow fear and anxiety about the economy to paralyze you.  Instead, focus on what you can accomplish.  Also, keep the following questions in mind:

How well are you aligned in the current market?  Is your business model flexible?

Do you understand how buyers make decisions today?  How aligned is your ability to execute?

Today, more than ever, it is imperative to reach out to new prospects and to existing customers.  Don't be the one who is waiting with fingers crossed for the tough economy to improve.  Instead, keep taking proactive steps to build your sales pipeline and generate sales revenue.  

Make the economy work for you – good or bad.