Once you’ve paid your dues, spent your time grinding out the customers sales and you’ve finally built your successful downline you might feel on top of the world. It’s tempting to want to sit back and delegate. You may even feel like you deserve to put up a wall between you and customers—or at the very least hang a Do Not Disturb sign.

This Article is a follow to my secret sales weapon article from last week.

Just because you’ve reached a certain level of success doesn’t mean you can neglect your customers.

It doesn’t mean that you need to be at your customers beck and call any longer, but cutting yourself off from the very customers that got you where you are could be detrimental to your business. You may inadvertently alienate your customers by staying too inaccessible. Even though it may seem like keeping lines to your customers open may be too inconvenient it can be an important way to strengthen your business. It can make a huge difference in how your customers feel like they are being treated by you and your business. And if you win your customer’s trust and loyalty, then you’ve overcome the first obstacle in maintaining your business success.

Make your customers feel important

You don’t have to be immediately available to your customers of course, that wouldn’t be practical or necessary, but there should be a sense that you are accessible and there should be a protocol to reach you if necessary. Having this seemingly direct line to the top will make your customers feel like they are important to you.

So how do you give customers the impression of availability without giving up your time not to mention sanity? 

There are several ways to let your customers feel like you are accessible and those ways don’t have to be strenuous on your schedule. Create a guarantee statement, if you are daring. For example: “If your problem isn’t resolved to your satisfaction I’ll personally resolve it for you.”

Or perhaps you don’t need a full guarantee to you customers. Maybe you just need to take away the impression that there are several layers of bureaucracy hiding you. Set up a voicemail phone line, list your “direct” number on your website or elsewhere, but prominently list where information can be found or questions can be answered. Have someone periodically check the voicemail line for customers calls.

Most customers won’t go directly to the top at first especially if you make efforts so that they can find the information they need upfront without having to contact you. Make sure you have an extensive knowledge base online, a FAQ section and a clear method for who customers should go to for problem solving.
Don’t forget to send a card, a short personal note or reach out with social media from time to time. Just making it seem like a customers can reach you if they need to will go a long way in making them feel important and not like just another number.

It keeps you grounded

Knowing that your contact information is out there and that a determined customers could get in touch with you if they wanted will keep you on your toes. But you actually should want to be accessible to your customers. Keeping in touch with your customers will help you stay grounded. It’s too easy to lose sight of who your customers are and what motivates them when you are stuck being an executive. Losing that perspective can eventually have an affect on the performance of your company.

Customers Sets you apart from the competition

Most importantly what you do to make yourself more accessible will set you apart from the competition. Your accessibility will give clients a sense of trust. It’s a sign of excellent customer service and it will be remembered by your clients. That will put you head and shoulders above the competition.
Just because you are on top of the world with your business success doesn’t mean you should forget the customers who put you there. If you want to learn how to reach out in a time and cost effective way check out 1000% Business Growth in 180 Days—Rethinking Social Media. It will give you the low down on how to use social media to grow your business. Social media is the latest method that all the experts are pushing to help grow your business. But social media in and of itself won’t do a thing to help you. In fact, if used improperly it can be simply another wall you put up between you and your customers.
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As i said earlier This Article is a follow to my secret sales weapon article from last week.

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