Bad Managers

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Managers must exhibit good characteristics not only on their professional life but on their personal life as well. But managers are not always perfect, in fact, there are plenty of bad manager out there. This article will enumerate some types of managers with bad attitudes. Dealing with bad bosses can be an exhausting and nerve-wracking [...]

Guidelines for Improving Your Listening Skills

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The lost art of listening. It seems that with all of the technology – texting – emailing that goes on today, we feel that our message is sometimes more important than the one that comes to us.  Here's what you need to know about listening.  It doesn't matter what job position that you are in. [...]

Understanding the Customer

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5 Ways To Gain Your Customer's Trust Fear.   We have all experienced it, and it is not a feeling that we like.  It is what makes us hesitate and look at things with scrutiny – in an attempt to protect ourselves from an unpleasant outcome. Truth is, every sale involves some level of apprehension. [...]


Is Your Boss or Your Deal Frustrating You?

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Pressures from the boss to close a deal are there 24/7. But it doesn't mean that we all deal with these pressures in the same way.  Some of us may be able to work through it, while others cannot. We want to show you that there are ways to live with these pressures, without letting [...]


Don’t Settle in Work or Life – EVER!

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As we progress through our lives, both work and personal, we strive to go in one direction and one direction only – FORWARD! As we get older, we gain the ability to drive better cars than when we were 17, buy bigger houses, eat in better restaurants, however, it seems that we will sometimes allow [...]

New Boss – Same Job: Surviving the Changing of the Guards

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This new boss is now a new member of the team, and how you present yourself to your new boss from the beginning with stay in the new boss minds for all of time. If this does not work you can alway leave your new boss… Take the time to study the new boss's management approach Will your new boss be involved in technical decisions or focus on the business issues? Think your new boss as a new client, what would you do next?