Showing Vulnerability: Do You Ever Say You’re Sorry?

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Vulnerability. When you think about important leadership qualities, vulnerability probably isn't the first thing to come to mind. Ok….Maybe after watching your local news these days and hearing yet another politician say "I'm Sorry", it may lose some of it's bang.  However, we can't let one bad apple spoil it for the rest of us, [...]


The Customer and Gaining Trust

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  We all have fears – the customer included.  The difference is that, and I hate having to say this so directly, no one really cares about our fears.  It always about the customer first.  That's just the way it is. This doesn't mean that we cannot look out for ourselves as well.  But what [...]

Guidelines for Improving Your Listening Skills

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The lost art of listening. It seems that with all of the technology – texting – emailing that goes on today, we feel that our message is sometimes more important than the one that comes to us.  Here's what you need to know about listening.  It doesn't matter what job position that you are in. [...]

Are you Making Connections or Just Networking?

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These two goals are at the salesperson's core.  But let's separate these two for a minute.   The definition of networking is "the practice of making contact and exchanging information with people, groups or other institutions. The definition of connecting is "to join – to establish a bond or relationship between – to link together. [...]

Is Your Likeability Factor as High as You Think?

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Likeability.   Saying that you are an introvert or extrovert  is not the determining factor when talking about whether or not you are likeable. Rather, it’s something completely different. It’s who YOU are that will have the greatest impact on whether others like you, or not. People know you by who you are. It comes [...]

Emotional intelligence

Is Emotional Intelligence An Indicator of Success?

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Emotional Intelligence, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people appreciated a previous blog of mine on this topic.    I always feel greatly satisfied when I know that people are “getting something” from the material presented on this site.     And while this is primarily a sales and business site.  there are so [...]


Do You Have Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage your emotions in positive and constructive ways. It's about recognizing your own emotional state and the emotional states of others.   Emotional intelligence is also about engaging with others in ways that draw people to you.   This may not be the first sentence [...]