How To Network Effectively – What NOT to Do

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Building a network in business will take your companies along many paths to success.   But what are the key components if you want to network effectively? Everybody does it everyday – no matter where we are – where we live, how old we are.  And let me say this again because it is that [...]

How to be a social media expert

Become an Expert in Social Media

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The arrival of Social Media has drastically changed the way we do business.  Therefore, has become increasingly important to differentiate yourself – to stand out among your competitors and be known as an expert in your area.  Why is it so important?  The answer is simple – people simply want to deal with someone who [...]

Are you Making Connections or Just Networking?

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These two goals are at the salesperson's core.  But let's separate these two for a minute.   The definition of networking is "the practice of making contact and exchanging information with people, groups or other institutions. The definition of connecting is "to join – to establish a bond or relationship between – to link together. [...]

Why Twitter is Beneficial for All Companies

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To begin, Twitter is a search engine – for life. Twitter is a social networking web application that provides users with the ability to share information. Twitter users post status updates, news, jokes, events and other information. Posts are limited to 140 characters and can be sent from and received via text messaging in addition [...]

linkedin for sales

Are You Using linkedin for sales?

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Have you ever considered all the linkedin for sales connections you have and how beneficial they can be to your sales career? Most sales people think they’ve tapped into this potential referral source, however more often than not they are thinking solely of the people they are in contact with often. And why wouldn’t you [...]