Do This to Exceed Your Sales Goals Now!

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It's a new year  - full of new opportunities to get sales. Yeah, they may be harder to find these days, but they are there.   First things first, there are no tomorrows in sales.   If you see a potential opportunity today, do whatever you can to get the ball rolling.   We all [...]


Purge Pessimistic and Negative Thoughts – Or Else!

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Negativity and negative thoughts are the enemies of your success.  And the truth is, negative people are everywhere.   Some days it seems as if everyone is enjoying their own "pitty party" – complaining about the economy, how difficult their job is, how hard it is to get sales.  Ok.  We get it.   It's [...]

Sales Process – The Sales Strategy

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Without a Sales Strategy, you will not be able to grow your Top Line, and a company without money will not survive.   Therefore, the sales strategy of a company should not be taken lightly. What are Characteristics of a Good Business Strategy?    The business strategy plays a part in our lives in many [...]


My Surefire Way to Win in Negotiations

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Negotiations for me are the most rewarding part of the entire sales process.  And here are my reasons why. I LOVE NEGOTIATIONS.    I love the power that I have in that room.  I love getting the client to "think".  I love challenging myself to find ways to reach them on that deeper level – [...]


The Customer and Gaining Trust

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  We all have fears – the customer included.  The difference is that, and I hate having to say this so directly, no one really cares about our fears.  It always about the customer first.  That's just the way it is. This doesn't mean that we cannot look out for ourselves as well.  But what [...]


2 Reasons People and Business Will BUY ANYTHING

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Bad economy or not, Business will still buy things.   Money will still be spent – it's just a matter of how much we make ourselves believe that we not only WANT these things, but that we NEED them, as well. Same theory applies to anyone in a business that requires getting customers – business [...]


Jumpstarting Stalled Sales Deals NOW!

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Here's your typical sales process scenario….. It's the middle of the month and you are sitting at your desk reviewing the preliminary monthly sales forecasts submitted to you by your sales representatives. You note that for about the 10th month in a row you are still dealing with the same prospect you've seen lingering, month [...]

Why is Qualifying a Sales Deal So Important?

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The biggest quandary of a salesperson is chasing leads which are vague and require a lot of investment in terms of time and money.To qualify sales prospects on the basis of their ‘readiness to buy’, therefore becomes a good business decision.  Qualifying a sales deal allows a business to ascertain the amount and nature of [...]

Qualifying Leads

Are You Qualifying Leads Properly?

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Qualifying Leads is important to All salespeople want them, but not all salespeople know how to handle them properly. If you are gonna succeed in sales today, you need to generate Qualifying Leads.  That’s a no-brainer.  However, it doesn’t end there.  Once you have these leads, you now need to be sure that you Qualifying Leads them, [...]