Target Marketing For Sales Success

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Anyone in sales knows the importance of having a target to aim for.    But how many of these salespeople are going about it in the right way?   There are dangers of not having a focus.  Whatever market you're in, you most likely have a lot of competition standing between you and the consumer. [...]

Guidelines for Improving Your Listening Skills

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The lost art of listening. It seems that with all of the technology – texting – emailing that goes on today, we feel that our message is sometimes more important than the one that comes to us.  Here's what you need to know about listening.  It doesn't matter what job position that you are in. [...]

Are you Making Connections or Just Networking?

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These two goals are at the salesperson's core.  But let's separate these two for a minute.   The definition of networking is "the practice of making contact and exchanging information with people, groups or other institutions. The definition of connecting is "to join – to establish a bond or relationship between – to link together. [...]

Sales Rule #5: Know Your Client’s Personality Type

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Do you know your personality type? It is not too uncommon to come across someone, everyday, that  we have difficulty communicating with.  It could be our boss, our spouse, our kids, or our clients.   In all honesty, it's probably all of the above.  Sometimes it seems that you just don't "hit it off. The [...]

Emotional intelligence

Is Emotional Intelligence An Indicator of Success?

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Emotional Intelligence, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people appreciated a previous blog of mine on this topic.    I always feel greatly satisfied when I know that people are “getting something” from the material presented on this site.     And while this is primarily a sales and business site.  there are so [...]

Qualifying Leads

Are You Qualifying Leads Properly?

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Qualifying Leads is important to All salespeople want them, but not all salespeople know how to handle them properly. If you are gonna succeed in sales today, you need to generate Qualifying Leads.  That’s a no-brainer.  However, it doesn’t end there.  Once you have these leads, you now need to be sure that you Qualifying Leads them, [...]

Rule #1 For Sales Success – Hunger and Drive

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Sales.   The world of sales has so many components and moving parts – some more difficult than others.   However, the most important part of any sale is the person driving it – and that person needs to wear so many hats in the sales process, that at times it seems like a massive [...]

linkedin for sales

Are You Using linkedin for sales?

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Have you ever considered all the linkedin for sales connections you have and how beneficial they can be to your sales career? Most sales people think they’ve tapped into this potential referral source, however more often than not they are thinking solely of the people they are in contact with often. And why wouldn’t you [...]


Don’t Settle in Work or Life – EVER!

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As we progress through our lives, both work and personal, we strive to go in one direction and one direction only – FORWARD! As we get older, we gain the ability to drive better cars than when we were 17, buy bigger houses, eat in better restaurants, however, it seems that we will sometimes allow [...]