Good Selling in Social Media

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Social media, There is no short cut to good selling. It’s not enough to “pretend” or feign interest; users of Social Networks will see through you in a second. You want to act as if you are a member of the community in which you find yourself. Better yet, you want to actually be a member of [...]


Social Media and the Entrepreneur

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I believe that it's important for our kids – as well as for ourselves, to know that there are always choices – and opportunities to be found; so much so that I have started an entrepreneurial class for kids in my hometown. Because of all of the constraints that are put on us as we get older, we don't always see things and follow our dreams as we wish we could. However, with the growth of social media, it is now possible to think about doing things that you may not have before thought possible, such as going into your own business.


Jumpstarting Stalled Sales Deals NOW!

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Here's your typical sales process scenario….. It's the middle of the month and you are sitting at your desk reviewing the preliminary monthly sales forecasts submitted to you by your sales representatives. You note that for about the 10th month in a row you are still dealing with the same prospect you've seen lingering, month [...]

Gaining a Client’s Trust

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Do people trust you? Many of us may quickly say "yes" – we know that we are trustworthy.  However, is that what the client is interpreting from the other side of the table?  From a salesperson’s point of view, potential clients begin as a list of names.   At the end of the day those [...]

Why is Qualifying a Sales Deal So Important?

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The biggest quandary of a salesperson is chasing leads which are vague and require a lot of investment in terms of time and money.To qualify sales prospects on the basis of their ‘readiness to buy’, therefore becomes a good business decision.  Qualifying a sales deal allows a business to ascertain the amount and nature of [...]

Sales Rule #5: Know Your Client’s Personality Type

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Do you know your personality type? It is not too uncommon to come across someone, everyday, that  we have difficulty communicating with.  It could be our boss, our spouse, our kids, or our clients.   In all honesty, it's probably all of the above.  Sometimes it seems that you just don't "hit it off. The [...]

Is Your Likeability Factor as High as You Think?

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Likeability.   Saying that you are an introvert or extrovert  is not the determining factor when talking about whether or not you are likeable. Rather, it’s something completely different. It’s who YOU are that will have the greatest impact on whether others like you, or not. People know you by who you are. It comes [...]