When piloting a ship or a plane, you will continuously reassess your location in conjunction with your destination or goal. 

Now imagine the same airliner taking off from JFK Airport with no plan or goal.

In the same sense, if you yourself lack a goal, where will YOU end up? As a salesperson, you need to continuously set goals for yourself, a target of what you want to accomplish for that day, or for that week, or for that year.

In the past, you might have set a goal to shake a set number of hands in a particular day. These days your goals may be more intricate and involved, but the point is still the same.

If you don't set a specific goal for yourself, you may not know when you've accomplish it, or worse, what to do if a problem comes up along the way. 

The following criteria must be in place in order to create an effective goal:

  • It has to be well-defined
  • It has to be achievable
  • It should be split into smaller goals
  • It should be realistic
  • It should be flexible

As you accomplish goals or have set backs, you of course will need to adjust and reevaluate these goals and Targets.  – What is the economic climate of the area you are working in? Setting your goals should become second nature for you – something that you do at the start of every week.

Seeing a goal to it's completion is what separates the boys from the men. Lots of people talk of wanting to do this or that in their lives, and their careers, but do not have what it takes to take that leap and go for it.  If you are in sales, you will need this component to survive.  

You always need to be working to achieve something – whether it be recognition, money, or just to advance in your career – even personal growth.  

If you do not tell yourself, in a concrete manner, that this is what you are working for, then you will never get close to achieving any of the goals that you put in front of you.

So get started right now with defining that one goal – and keep yourself "on course" to the finish line.  Need help giving yourself that extra "push"?  Check out "Hungry Like the Wolf", where I share what's worked for me in my own 30-year sales career.