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What Is Your Business, Sales and Marketing Superpowers


Business, Selling and Marketing is extremely challenging in todays revenue generating targets, and you need a superpower, So what is your superpower? We tackled this very question on our weekly podcast, this week Chris Kieff, Stephen Webster and I, discuss.

The concept is simple. Do you remember the Justice League? If you are to young, you might remember the Avengers. The Justice League was a cartoon that on Saturday mornings that depicted a group of mercenary that worked for the government to bring down international bad guys (just like BlackWater). The business was made out of Super Heros with special powers like Superman, Aqua-man, WonderWoman.

If you were working in the Justice League, and the Justice League did nothing but business, sales, and marketing, what would be your super power?  So if Superman can fly, Aquaman can go under water and swim with the fisheyes and Wonder Woman can disappear or be invisible…. What is your superpower? I’m more like Batman. I don’t have any real super hero powers, but I know lots of technology gadgets, that’s who I am.

So I asked Chris, what is your super power and why?  Think of business and sales and marketing,

Chris Kieff: “That’s a darn good question. BTW Wonder Woman had the lasso of truth. Right? My super power is to wait 30 seconds while Steve answers his. 😉 No. I would say that my super power is to be reasonably good at a lot of different things, and that’s why I do well at startups. Because at startups you have to be a jack of all trades. I’ve done a lot of jobs. I’ve done sales and marketing and operations and all sorts of things. I’m really good at being able to multitask and cut through the bulls##t and understand what’s important, and get the important stuff done when there’s too much stuff to do.”

Marco Giunta: “You’re like a chameleon of startups. I knew it was about what you just said that people in startups are more a jack of all trades, not a master of one particular thing. Right? That’s what you’re saying?”

Chris Kieff: “Yeah, in a startup you have to be able to do 17 different things. You have to be able to read a contract. You have to be able to read customer in a meeting, and you have to be able to write reasonably well, and be willing to take the garbage out.  It’s useful in a startup. It’s not quite so useful in a large organization because then you become cog in the machine and you’re doing the same thing again and again and again. For somebody like me, I get easily bored if I just do the same thing.”

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Stephan Webster: “I would say my super power is the ability to get to the right person to get in the door of a company and get the right meeting.”

Marco Giunta:”Wow. I wasn’t expecting another good one. You have the gatekeeper power? Well is it a gatekeeper power, or is it just to identify the right person?”

Stephan Webster:  “It’s both. You got to identify the right person and you’ve got to get through the gate. I think it’s finding the right person. It’s becoming easier and easier I think to find out who the right person is, but I think the trick is the gates are getting harder and harder to get through. Right?

You’ve got to know the right path to get to the right person to get the meeting. I think it’s also something that’s important with a startup and why I’ve been good at startups. When you’re a startup, you don’t have big name cache or some of the other connections you need to break into some of these larger companies to get in and get some business. Right?

Let me see if I can give you an Example….. I’ll try and give you a real good example. Well I think one of my customers there in New York City is a great example. Where I knew how to get to the CIO of one of the divisions. That CIO got me to the CIO of the corp. You get the meeting. You going to knock it out of the park, and then you get the business. When you know you’re competing with the bigger guys!”

Marco Giunta:  “I told you I was Batman. I don’t have any real super power. I am Batman!. I would think that my superhero power would be relationship selling. I wasn’t ready to answer this question, but here it is. My superhero power would be to be able to be customer-centric. To me, in sales, and especially specifically the sales that I do, there’s nothing more important than having the trust of the customer. If you don’t want to have your customer as a friend, [then] you will not be able to do business at the level that I do. [I am a consultative trusted advisor]

You can be lucky in sales, [My friend Bill says that sometimes in sales you look up and find yourself on third base, but that does not mean you hit a triple]  Right? I’m not selling onions. [Selling Big Deals], It’s almost like a marriage, your marrying your customer. If you don’t want to be married to this person, you can not do real business with them.

If clients don’t feel connected to you or if you don’t connect with your client, it’s not going to be a partnership, you will Just be another vendor.”