Do you have an online presence?

Most likely you do in some form. Most likely you have a website. You probably have a Facebook page and you might even have a blog. Increasingly blogs are becoming important tools in building your online brand reputation for the valuable information they provide as well as that personal touch they provide for your clients. If you don’t have a blog chances are you’ve thought about starting one. Maybe you don’t know where to start or you are simply overwhelmed by the options, however, starting a blog is a smart option if you want to be competitive online in your industry.

  1. Blog promotion is critical for a successful blog

  2. you need to have blog

  3. blog is smart option
  4. Running a successful business blog takes more effort than just deciding to publish informative content on a regular basis
  5. you run hosted or self-hosted blog
  6.  you promote blog
  7. overall look of a blog affects customer experience
  8. blog is too cluttered
  9. blog can overwhelm potential client
  10. Trying to pack in too much information is often the cause of clutter on a blog

It’s easier than ever to set up a web presence these days. There are numerous template options for easy to design websites and instant set up blogs, but just because the options are there are they a good idea?

The truth is even though there are so many options for easy blog setup, when you consider those options it becomes a little more complicated. Running a successful business blog takes more effort than just deciding to publish informative content on a regular basis. Do you run a hosted or self-hosted blog? Can you effectively display what you want using the templates provided? How will you promote the blog? And what about content, who will update the blog on a regular basis?

In all of that one of the most important things is blog design. It takes an experienced eye to understand how the overall look of a blog affects the customer experience. A blog that’s too cluttered can overwhelm a potential client. Trying to pack in too much information is often the cause of clutter on a blog. Asking a client to do too many things—like “buy now,” “subscribe here,” “read this,” “download here,”—can be another cause of clutter.

Another blog design trap is creating something that is too streamlined. In other words, a blog that has a lack of information. The look of a streamlined site may be pleasing to the eye but can lose potential clients by not providing enough to keep them around. If a potential client can’t find what they are looking for, or aren’t getting their questions answered they will leave the site. If the navigation isn’t obvious, that can be a problem too because visitors will have a hard time getting where they want to be on the site.

Of course, once you have a blog it won’t do any good for your business unless it attracts visitors. Blog promotion is critical for a successful blog. You can promote your blog organically with search engine optimization techniques, through links and through social networking. It’s best to use a combination of techniques. Good content optimized for the right keywords can help your blog grow organically higher in the search engines while links in the right places can also help push your blog site higher in the search engine ranks as well.

When you have the right combination of design, content and good promotion you have all the tools for a successful blog. However, finding that right combination isn’t always easy. If you have a template, it may seem quick and simple on the outset but even then you want to change it up enough so that your site looks unique and is set apart from the other businesses that use the same template. If you are designing your site on your own, you can spend hours and even days fine tuning design and testing different looks to see what works best.

When it comes to promoting the blog it can be nearly a full-time job in itself. Submitting your blog URL to search engines and reaching out to webmasters to swap links takes time and can be tedious work. There’s also the danger of swapping links with a link farm or other site that can have a negative consequence with Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. One bad link swap can get your site dropped off the search engine results completely.

Blog design and promotion should be given special attention, because it is an important aspect of your online brand. Unless you’re an expert or have the time to put into this don’t be afraid to outsource the task. Your time is valuable and should be spent doing what you do best; running your business.

We can get your blog set up quickly with an eye- catching, yet functional design that represents your business in its best light. Then we’ll take the next step of letting customers know about your blog. We’ll employ a variety of techniques to promote your blog to drive both existing customers and new visitors to your site.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your blog design doesn’t matter. Start it out right with professional design and a set up and blog promotion that announces it to the world.

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