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Customer Value & Experience

Driving Business Growth Through The Principle of Customer Value, Differentiation, Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

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My Resume

Although it is old school, many people still want to read resumes and CVs and probably also use Rolodexes


I only call them testimonials for SEO. over the years i have been able to meet new customers all over the world, but i just call the friends


Over the past years I have written several books actually 4. I enjoy writing and i look forward to a time that i will be good at it.

Its Time....

I am lounging in Mexico Looking at the Gulf through a palm tree from the balcony of my room pondering about growing my sales pipeline. if you didn't know me, you would think thats is strange, if you know me you don't. I am not trying to be egotistic, but other than my family, I spend my time with Business, Technology and Cars.

So, what makes a successful business verses a struggling lifestyle?
I decided to break it down to a common denominator of business... and since all business deliver products and services differently i decided to concentrate on the revenue or the top line. Therefore I can use a common dominator of Customers.
in a moment of lucidity and almost moving in slow motion, that I normally don't experience I started to name the components of the top line quandary. My intent is to reprogram how we look a these individual component to try to rewire how each reacts to bring the highest level of value to the customer, without regard for self reward, thus speeding up business evolution and innovation and if successful attracting new customers before repeating the cycle. Easy right!

So what components do we need to look at:

  • Core Values
  • The Problem Statement
  • Our Value Proposition
  • The Customer
  • the Competition
  • Market Fit
  • Market Potential