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I help B2B Tech companies increase revenue is by finding new business, growing existing customers, and helping  sales teams close more deals. I am Performance-focused.

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How Do I Help.

I help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by putting customers first in your company’s strategy.

My approach tests every element of your customers’ experience, delivering optimal interactions at every interaction.

From my experience and research on customer identification to my proven approach to customer success, I offer data-driven insights to allow you to realize your digital sales and marketing possibility.

I don’t just help your organization develop the strategy.

I help you execute the plan to transform how you retain, acquire and grow your customers and topline revenue.

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Business Growth Strategy

What are the principles of customer strategy?
How do you develop a customer strategy?What are the different types of customer strategy?
What is a customer first strategy?

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New Customer

What are the go-to-market strategies?
What does a go-to-market strategy include?How do you launch a go-to-market strategy?
What are  examples of B2B Go-To Market?

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Sales Managemet

What is the role of sales management?
What are the process of sales management?What are the basic elements of sales management?
What are the features of sales management?

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About Marco Giunta

I never intended to work in sales, but everyone always said to try sales, and I'm glad I did because I never looked back. Instead, focus on whom you want to be, and the rest will take of itself.
My journey in sales included multiple sales Marketing and leadership roles with several Fortune 500 companies. Experiences provided by traveling the world and having adventures with startups, SMBs, and fortune500 for more than 25 years.

After selling the last company as a US sales leader for $1.1B, I began consulting, working with technology companies and Private Equity portfolios, and writing about sales.
Call me about your situation or chat at +1(973) 607-4221.

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What Our Client Are Saying...

More Testimonials

"Marco has been successful managing very complex dealstructures and delivery models. He is a very effective manager and also a direct and savvy salesperson. Marco builds trustedrelationships with partners and clients. His negotiations are factbased and constructive. I have enjoyed working with Marco."

Marco continues to provide innovative, results oriented solutionswhich deliver on the value proposition that is quoted. I wouldwelcome the opportunity to do continued business with Marcoand his team.

Marco is a personable, self confident executive with deepexpertise in technology consulting and offshoring delivery. He isa team player that recognizes potential issues and deliversresults. Marco is a pleasure to work with.


Find New Clients

Getting New Clients requires Prospecting Winning Trusts Aware Product Fit Value Prop Cust Journey Competition

Grow Market Share

Growth Market Share Share of wallet Product Penetration Account Plan Relationship Innovations

Make Your Sales Forecast

Making Sales Forecast Missing Accuracy CRM Data Deal details Sell Cycle Capabilities Sale Stage

Weak Sales Pipelines

When sales is pushing for a deal to close usually is because you don't have enough deals in your pipeline

Customer Retention

If you are able to have a great customer retention plan you will be able to show the market place your value

Build a better sales team

You have to be able to motivate your salesforce or be able to replace them with the right talent that close deals

Revenue grew 23% or more for 49% of companies after my engagement

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