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Drive revenue growth for your business with innovative B2B sales strategies and marketing efforts.

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129+ Projects

21.7% AVG
Revenue Growth

54% Sales
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Driving Revenue Growth

Driving Revenue Growth through GTM. I will drive revenue growth using a go-to-market (GTM) strategy, analyzing trends, identifying opportunities, and creating targeted initiatives.


Aligning Sales and Marketing

Aligning Sales and Marketing: I will ensure that sales and marketing efforts are aligned towards common goals, through a clear strategy and streamlined processes.


Customer Acquisition & Retention

Customer Acquisition & Retention: I will focus on acquiring and retaining customers by developing effective strategies, analyzing customer behavior, and improving the customer experience.


I understand your business....

....the challenges of driving revenue growth in a competitive B2B market. That's why I offer innovative sales and marketing solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of my projects. With my digital transformation AI edge technology, expert leadership, and data-driven approach, we help businesses maximize their ROI and achieve their growth goals. Let us help you transform your B2B sales and marketing efforts today.

Call me about your situation or chat at +1(973) 607-4221.

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What Our Client Are Saying...


"Marco has been successful managing very complex dealstructures and delivery models. He is a very effective manager and also a direct and savvy salesperson. Marco builds trustedrelationships with partners and clients. His negotiations are factbased and constructive. I have enjoyed working with Marco."

Marco continues to provide innovative, results oriented solutionswhich deliver on the value proposition that is quoted. I wouldwelcome the opportunity to do continued business with Marcoand his team.

Marco is a personable, self confident executive with deepexpertise in technology consulting and offshoring delivery. He isa team player that recognizes potential issues and deliversresults. Marco is a pleasure to work with.

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