I joined Accenture through an acquisition transaction between Collective Technologies and Accenture by actively seeking a company buyer.

My time at Accenture was incredible. I traveled to 42 countries and met some of the smartest people I have ever met.

I had the pleasure of working on some of the biggest problems and solving them with great diverse teams worldwide.

At Accenture, I worked on increasing sales for several divisions, such as financial services and Infrastructure. I also worked in the digital transformation group. I had several business projects with our clients as a business management consultant working on sales and marketing problems and increased sales for Accenture clients.


Senior Executive

2002 - 2008 6 Years

Conceptualized and implemented vital growth sales strategies, tactics, and action plans. Successfully exceeded financial targets by 147% in year one and 129% in year two, hitting annual targets during an unstable economy by building critical client relationships and researching, understanding, and customer trends.

  • Pursued and secured significant retail clients and cultivated solid professional relationships with premier industry buyers (Staples $40M ACV, Ross $16M, HBC, Best Buy, LL Bean, P&G, Becton Dickinson, Nike).
  • I Targeted valuable emerging markets and value technologies. Utilized dynamic negotiating skills to close high-value deals and directed all facets of large-scale Global Sales team.
  • Accurately forecasted sales and formulated sales plans to remain current with ongoing shifts and variations in the marketplace, building $200M annually in new orders and a $372M recurring company revenue.
  • Representative/presenter/panelist at major industry events, conferences, trade shows, and expositions.
  • I Maximized company profit margins as a result of successful foresight and combating stagnation in the marketplace. I created sales tactics to maintain a competitive and innovative edge, resulting in several award achievements.
  • As Client Partner for Global Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Corporate Senior Vice President for Client Services. Cultivated and fostered high-level client relationships within the Financial Services sector. Instrumental in M&A development and assigned governance for a rapid business expansion project for key account objectives. Developed select client accounts (top to bottom-line targets) and centralized on new service sales and solutions to maximize results.
  • Archived 143% (2003), $260M (2004), $366M (2005), and $756M (2006).
  • I was Key executive for the successful transition and completion of a critical multi-million-dollar (undisclosed amount) merger and acquisition deal between Collective Technologies and Accenture.
  • Successfully exceeded sales objectives, resulting in equalization of acquisition expenditures within year one.
  • Strategized business development initiatives for a Managed Infrastructure Outsourcing Services Solution (HSBC, ICIC, BMO, JPMC, Wachovia, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America) and gained recognition and accolades from numerous key clients for innovative tactics, valued insight, and overall superior levels of service.
  • Established and oversaw all facets of the company sales program, successfully achieving $147M in year one.
  • We maximized sales by $30M at Morgan Stanley by introducing Global Managed Services to international clientele located throughout New York, London, Toronto, Japan, China, and India.