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I was angry at what I was seeing in the management of sales process, and I wanted to tell every one what I was thinking.
Think of it like the Jerry Mguire seen where he decides to write a m manifesto, well these are what they represent

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The Rethinking Sales Book

Building Sales One Relationship At A Time It’s no surprise that the world of sale today is more challenging than ever.

How, then, can you become that salesperson who stands out among the rest? How can you break through the sales stereotypes and improve client relationships?

Salespeople all over the world all have one thing in common - the desire to make money. But also, they want to feel respected and confident in the work that they do.

Rethinking Sales opens a new door into the sales arena, and encourages you to understand on a deeper level the entire sales process -

from how to make that first impression, to keeping your clients coming back for more. It works for anyone at any stage in their career, and shows how each step of the “sales process” is important in reaching your goal, and ultimately, making the most money that you can.

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Other Books

These are otherBooke that I wrote, They are all about
How to build Target Market FIT
How do you Fix Your Sales
And Ten Grow your Revenue

Hungry Like The Wolf

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Hungry Like The Wolf will guide you in channeling that hunger effectively, enabling you to achieve your goals in the fastest way possible.

Rethinking Social Media

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1000% Business Growth in 180 Days
Your social media platform needs to not only get people viewing your site, but to ultimately get them to make that “call to action” and buy.

Top-Line Entreprenuer

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Sales....The world of sales offers infinite possibilities as to how fast you can grow your business, and how much money you can make in the process.

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