I loved working at CompuCom. It's no coincidence that ists the one place that stayed longer than anywhere else.

In January 2009, I joined after an almost nine-month interview process with then CEO Jim Dixon and Rocco M, who placed me in a newly formed group to build the service sales organization.

i was one of 5 that built the services side of a mostly computer product company sold to OfficeDepot for $1.1B.

Before I left at the end of 2018, I was head of Sales for the US region, alliance sales, and global sales.

it was not perfect by any stretch, but I did leave some great people behind, and most have now left to some great c level careers in technology companies

I will always have memories of working with some great people. You know who you are!


Head Of Sales

2009-2019 10 Years

Oversaw all aspects of revenue delivery for nation-wide sales objectives (hard numbers, growth targets, profit targets, market share goals), recruiting (backfilling/sales team facilitation), sales strategy development, and sales negotiations.

Managed a group of 176 people in a flat organization who delivered CompuCom to $1.1B sales with a 20% EBITDA and a 10% YOY growth

Instrumental in corporate strategic planning, sales strategy development, forecasting, sales resource planning, and budgeting initiatives designed to streamline sales objectives with business development strategy.

Consistently meet targets for profitable sales volume, market share, and other key financial performance objectives.

Spearhead learning and development initiatives for the sales department and provide stewardship of sales and sales management talent. Restructured sales team job descriptions, sales channel design, and sales resource deployment.

Established and govern national sales performance management system designed to direct sales organizational principles for productivity management and prioritize critical performance measurements.

Continuously analyze organizational change requirements, identify and eliminate departmental inefficiencies, and champion change initiatives as head of sales organization change management.