In 2019, I left my position as SVP and head of US sales at CompuCom after Office Depot Office Max acquired it for $1.1 billion. Shortly after, I was introduced to Bhavin Shah, the chairman of Oak Lane Partners.

While I had previously worked with several private equity firms and provided consulting services to Platinum, Sequoia Capital, Court Square, KingFish, and THLee, among others, this was a new experience for me.

I was unsure of what to expect, as I don't have a formal education or background in finance. However, I have a wealth of experience in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, having completed more than 20 transactions in the past 30 years.

I focus on managing portfolio companies at Oak Lane Partners and growing their top-line revenue. I split my time between executing strategies to increase revenue, prove target market fit, fix sales, and grow the business and searching for promising companies to add to our deal flow.

Oak Lane Partners

Operating Partner

2019 - Present

I primarily work with tech-enabled companies and am always looking to network with interesting people in the industry. Some of the companies I've managed include:

UCSLogistics: a global leader in logistics, asset life cycle warehousing, ITAD, and device configuration services. Our solutions support the entire device lifecycle and drive growth in the data center and end-user technology sectors, from cross-border fulfillment to IT asset disposition, third-party logistics, dropship and return management, re-marketing, distribution, and more. We serve customers ranging from fast-growing brands to the Global 1000. Our facilities are designed for success, with a secure warehousing network, world-class technology, strategic partnerships, and decades of expertise in logistics, mobility, and ITAD industries.

YNGMediaUSA: a boutique digital marketing agency that strives to create innovation, engagement, and relevance for its client partners through emerging digital platforms such as social media, mobile, and eCommerce. We offer strategy, design, marketing, and development services and work with brands that want solutions born from collaboration, research, and creativity. Our core services include digital strategy, design, digital marketing, and development. We believe that marketing and technology co-exist to provide a balanced solution for any challenge.

Maintech works primarily with financial services companies that need a higher level of data center support to maintain high-availability environments and reduce support costs by at least 30%. In addition, we use our Emaintech technology parts distribution systems and global W-2 employees to deliver BFSI-standard support to any industry.

TPMOne helps data centers overcome challenges in supporting servers, storage, and network equipment by saving 30-50% on support and parts costs with our vast inventory.

DecisionOne helps Fortune 1000 companies that need last-mile IT support services anywhere in North America, especially in distributed environments, at excellent cost-efficiency. We achieve the highest levels of SLA attainment by using AI system processes that move W-2 technicians like airplanes around the world. We exited the business in 2021.