I joined TCS in April 2008, shortly after leaving Accenture. I was part of America's Leadership, and I was to figure out why sales were declining in the infrastructure business as it was in decline.

As a reminder, this was during the financial markets crash, and nobody knew when it would end.

I had a head start because I had started talking to them a bit earlier in the year and had been going back and forth to India for years, and had met most of the TATA leadership and sales management.

I spent about 12 months helping TCS consulting reset the direction and regain 12% of the business lost by readdressing the value proposition and how the salespeople negotiate deals. The cultural differences of the company did not always integrate well with companies afraid of outsourcing.

I also worked with marketing to refocus the messaging and change the presentations presented with fewer words and slides. Along with other changes, the group I worked with reported 24% more opportunities and a higher close rate that they attributed to my initiatives and continue to be an advisor for several years.

TATA TCS Consulting

Client Executive

2008 9 months

TCS Short-term strategy engagement to facilitate corporate development. Strategized M&A decisions, structured effective operating models, and transform business operations to expand consulting business and optimize finance metrics.

  1. Formulated Business Strategies for General Managers of Business Units. Assessed overall ales performance, deployed business simplification strategies, reinvented business infrastructure, and expanded into new markets.
  2. Identified, evaluated, and resolved complex productivity inefficiencies through in-depth data analysis of variable factors. Instrumental in developing strategic roadmaps resulting in near-term US sales goals.
  3. Collaborate with global senior management, top financial services, and retail sector clients to streamline shared objectives and initiate a redesigned and progressive approach.