Why is Selling like surfing?

October 19, 2020

You look at the ocean from the beach, and it seems infinite. And it's easy to sit on the beach and point out what the surfers are doing wrong.

But you want to be a real surfer and not just sit on the beach as a spectator.

When you finally get over your fear, you paddle out in the ocean and start looking for a wave for you to surf.

While you are waiting for a wave, you notice others jumping on a wave and riding it all the way to shore to the onlookers' applause, and you look at them and try to learn because you want those cheers too.

As you continue to search for a wave, you notice a bunch of incoming waves.

Some are too small, not worth your time because the small ones won't get you to shore and others too big for your current capabilities.

So you wait because you can be sure that there is another one coming.

Now it's your turn. You notice a wave, and it looks good. You jump on it and start riding it toward shore.

Jumping on a wave is new to you, so in the beginning, you might fall off.

The key is to get back on the board and try again. You have seen some people give up, and now they don't surf anymore, but they still carry their board to the beach and tell everyone they are surfers.

And you know that everyone claims they are a surfer until a real surfer walks in the ocean.

You are different; you are committed to being a surfer, and you like the way real surfers live.

So you get back on the board and paddle out, looking for the next wave.

Frustrated, you look for a wave but fall right off because you did not listen to the sea, and you need to feel the wave.

Finally, you are up on the wave, and you are waiting to fall, but you don't.

You are not sure why but you ride it all the way to shore, and the beachcombers are impressed.

You now can't wait to get back out there and get on the next wave, and you do. Sometimes you make it to the shore, and sometimes you fall.

But you keep trying because this is the life you wanted.

And now you are a surfer, and everyone knows it.

Marco Giunta

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